I summarized the parking information around the Sapporo Dome Hokkaido .

Please help so I summarized the parking lot near the Sapporo Dome.

Here at the Sapporo Dome seating chart

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Sapporo Dome parking

Price: 2,500 yen (normal)
 ¥ 2,000 (Sapporo ドームメンバーズ Club member discount price)
   ※ Direct method to buy parking tickets in advance at convenience stores and playguide for a day
 Available at 乗りつけて. ※ Tickets PIA, you can book.

Ito-Yokado fukuzumi

Sapporo Dome-7 minute walk.
 Price: 1 hour 200 yen, later 30 min 200 yen per
   ※ However, Sapporo ドーム event if’s special rates (1 hour 500 yen, after 30 minutes 500 yen each).
 And shopping more than 1000 Yen two hours free, after 30 minutes 500 yen each. Parking units: 833

Times de Denki TECC land kiyota shop

Sapporo Dome-20 minute walk. Less can become full, minutes away from the stadium.

Arita parking

Sapporo Dome-5 minute walk.
 Price: 2,000 yen / one Maximum parking capacity: 200 cars

Sapporo Toyopet

Sapporo Dome-10 minute walk.
 WEB reservations, phone reservation is not possible.
 Price: car wash, etc. by parking at 3,000 yen. Parking: 15 units

Parking and other

-Nissan Sapporo-Sapporo Dome before parking shop
Rate: single / 2000 yen, approximately 40 units
  Parking, cold 1-15.
Price: 20 minutes / 100 yen, approximately 130 units
  Blue Sky parking tsukisamu 1-17 of 17
Price: 2,000 yen / one
  Blue Sky parking tsukisamu 1-16 of 16


Price: 1,500 yen / 1 http://homepage2.nifty.com/atubetu_guide/dome_access_kuruma.html

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