Effect of stomach abdominal exercise

Ledges of the stomach’s concern with age. Should be further problems such as constipation in women it is. Tempered sit-ups when so much, Let’s eliminate the ledges also constipation

To strengthen abdominal muscles tight movement need nothing. Let the stomach runnable in everyday life. Point stick on the back and belly tightening with a jerk. After the remains intact. It is just.
Seems to be no more than this and just might. So how you you can maintain this posture? 10 Minutes? 20 Minutes? And awareness does not revert to the original, more and more painful be will.
It is fine, using muscles in this. Try to further increase your navel on comfortable. So also the muscles will be forged.
May we forged in everyday life, without taking the time to strengthen abdominal muscles if it struck me. Let’s continue to so effect comes out gradually spread.


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