Energy saving household electric appliances, eco, savings

Or which is causing the electricity and home appliances, and I don’t know what is! Only now power is important, from at the same time I’ll be gotta save household.

Home power, air conditioning, refrigerator, lighting fixtures, television accounted for approximately two-thirds of the total.
So especially refrigerator are consuming power 24 / 7, the quality of the energy efficiency savings significantly affects.
According to the survey of the JEMA (Japan Electric Industry Association), made in 1997 and 2008, made of capacity 479 l and 16% increased 413 liters in the comparison of refrigerators, even though the annual electricity it will save $ 7,850 to 10,160 18,010 yen. May wise saving tips to plunge new old consumer electronics products, and for the future.


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