Disney hotel chapter perks of the Disney Resort area hotels!

Decided to go to Disneyland!
I I booked hotels!
And, surprisingly, even those who don’t know? Know, know all?
An award
I’m a rank each of the hotel! This Disney hotel in chapter of introducing.

Hotels in Disney’s three.

Ambassador Hotel??
System of Government Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
Tokyo Disneyland hotels in??
This 3-star hotel with [Disneyland Hotel: Hotel said. Price of the room is expensive, near the minutes each park for it!
Great atmosphere in the hotel! It is above all, there are many nice perks!

Also eight awards are 受から!

System of Government Park tickets in the hotel ( queue also OK!
) System of Government guarantees the park entrance ( admission regulations have always put!
) System of government purchase of カウントダウンパス port ( buy tickets accommodation including 12 月 31 日’re always day!
) System of Government from TDL exclusive entrance admission ( put in from the entrance, not ordinary people!
) System of Government free バゲッジデリバリー service ( could keep luggage free of charge!
) System of Government プリチェッ Quinn ( advance check-in procedures with the Welcome Center!
) System of Government ショッピングデリバリー service ( can park > Hotel souvenir mail!
) System of Government Disney Resort line ticket ( tickets issued depending on the length of stay free!
Accommodation in the 3-star hotel, the eight award what receive!
Do you wanted it to know everything?
In particular, do not forget that first of all [プリチェッ Quinn] and [バケッジデリバリー service].
Welcome Center visible left of maihama station, on the day of check-in to go to the
Fast should I get to keep the check-in and baggage.
But you went to the hotel this morning leave your luggage all the way, can we get from Park Hotel now!
And [resort line tickets] other get published free of charge
14. Keep sending tend to inadvertently bought a park souvenir Hotel from its stores!! In other words, does carry a souvenir stand Park!
( check-out, are not eligible )
Without the necessary essential, and wasted time, wasted which benefits from check-in time, play park in the money
I think that award to a very exciting day. Please remember to use all the benefits I ☆


Use free, paid, also available, check on each hotel, official site.
And limited little other than the general public early admission benefits
What I give one FastPass is free of charge in the period. Such benefits is 調べなきゃ every corner is loss of booking ago!




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