Easter egg

Keyholder message rather than the colorful eggs here, software developers secretly hid and special behavior.
Corrected version, the condition is severe, or try looking?? I think with a little computer familiar.

EXCEL series

Start Excel.
Intact without any input, click file > save as the name.
The type of file to save, select “Web page”.
Then “Save” that come out, so dialog in the Middle much so “selection: sheet”, do not add the dialogue format.
(Verify the file name “Page.htm” automatically), a suitable location.
Close Excel, now open “Page.htm” ahead of Internet Explorer.
[↓] long press, we have セルカーソル up to 2000 lines.
[→] long press, we have a セルカーソル WC column.
Row selection 2000 lines tab.
So do not deselect the lines, will have セルカーソル WC columns [Tab] key.
While holding down the [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT], click the Office marks on the left.
The following key is.
[ESC]: game ending [↑]
[↓]: Accelerator and brake [←]
[→]: right and left move
[SPACEBAR]: machine gun firing
[O]: oil well
Turn on headlights [H]:
F10: posing The non-existent lost depending on the version of EXCEL.

Minesweeper Division

WindowsXP Minesweeper has been observed.
Type “xyzzy”, and press “Shift” + “Enter” to boot WindowsXP Minesweeper. Then “point” turns black dot defects of such “points” appears in the upper-left corner of the monitor, the mines on the block.

Google Earth Sciences

You can call the Flight Simulator feature by pressing the “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “A” key at the same time freely fly around the sky. At the same time to take off from the airport to hold “↓” under the “PageUp” key and arrow keys.



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