Power-saving air conditioner

Lowering the 1 ° c, cooling air for energy saving… Not so cool doesn’t make sense. If there is no way to conserve electricity at lower temperature than what? Of course. Combine some comfort.

First, clean up

Basic is clean the filter. This alone can save you 5%.

Check the air-conditioners

Air-conditioners are probable to sunlight and airy place will use ないと extra power.
First, not direct sunlight to let awning and umbrella.
Further let’s twist near avoid stuff like better ventilation. Also 5% now to save power.

Combined with an electric fan

Fan is a machine send the winds only just.
If If the air is warm air, cold air will be sent. If you put a fan rooms air-conditioned?? I’m comfortable air flow.
Feels like 1 ° c temperature and subjected to wind down said.
If you’re fans if lower 1 ° air conditioning safe. Course a fan with 1 ° c air conditioning, fan deals is much more electricity is.

Confessing to or do not wait…

When air conditioning is the power to consume lots of electric lowered room temperature constant until.
Air conditioning on reverse if the room temperature constant followed minimizes the consumption of electricity. So became hot was a cool off put electrical air conditioning was not good.

The last technique

Power saving measures up to now is what nonsense is like a special feat.
Is it simple, like anyone can. What it says…
Turn off the LCD TV
That’s it. So, what power TV is higher than the air conditioning. It also 1.
69 Times!
TV show, and the patience of the hot hobby or reading spend time in a cool room. You take both?


Combined with the above, will be considerable power.
Most important would be efforts not this transitory things. Not only this year but will continue saving held next year.


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