Where [gardening] troubling challenge slugs

And growing plants is the slug harassed. It comes also come accompanied from anywhere or to clean and disinfect. So try this way when?.

If so inhospitable slugs to the top is still agricultural. Repellent for over-the-counter drugs, I would not suffer from almost.
But quantity anyway most pests, slugs avoided drugs, 使いきれないで most damaging. Oak and are small enough, try this method.
Banana-peel Let’s put the banana pots. So the next day slugs gather banana. After disposing it as OK. That effect to 寄せ付けなく will never catch should not disregard it slugs,.
-Beer This is the same banana is a throw away collecting slugs. Beer drinking put leave, such as paper cups, pots near the place. Would that slugs and turned the next day during the Cup.
-Lime Take only also be gathered. So, let’s spread the limestone of the slugs hate. So without wearing it so helpful.
Coffee beans-CASS Caffeine in coffee beans is good slugs. If I will be 近寄らなく. But also it due to the bug and let the coffee beans rotted different…. May be avoided if you’re unable to care for a long time is good.


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