Cold prevention measures on the

Wash your hands cold prevention gargle is commonplace, but effect appears and review more from the day of action.
For example to the cold nutrient management.
It is important to fight bacteria and viruses properly take a substance such as A C-E vitamin source responsible for minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and protein immune substance underlying tight and prevent viruses make the lining of the nose. From the usual balanced and firm can make healthy body often take these nutritional, succumbing to the cold.

Easy-to-pull cold and dry environment

Is the mucous membranes in the nose and throat, these work prevents infection and intrusion of cold. But under dry conditions, and moisture of the mucosa causes dry inflammation. And mucosal defenses also degrade, it is easier to virus infections. It is important to reasonably take water during the dry winter, giving sufficient moisture mucous membrane. Also dry environment, and also the activity of the virus itself active. Catch a cold winter air to dry so easy, especially cold measures showbread care have become. Humidity in the room, including care and prevent drying, humidifier is important to colds. Roughly 50% to 70% is estimated.

Mouth breathing lead to decrease in immune system

Hey who’s mouth breathing problem is.
Without a nose through the mouth who has a mouth breathing from the usual bacteria or viruses to penetrate from outside enters.
Signal to encourage the increase of immune substances not originate in the lymph nodes, immune system falls, so does not pass through the nasal throat virus detection in the nose, to fight the virus and becomes lost or conical and virus.
It is so susceptible to colds. Let’s keep mind who mouth breathing conscious breathing through the nose from which to go again.

We strive to maintain physical fitness avoid degradation of the immune system.

Human and physical fitness are decreasing and immune system falls will be prone to cold.
Well not sleep deprivation is not tired enough so lead to physical degradation.
From stress is also adversely affected body save too requires caution.
Will be disrupted condition nobody only the rhythm of life. It is important to overcome the cold by properly maintaining physical fitness, enhance the immune system making.

Gargle at tea

Well at home is important though.
Washes away the virus attached to the mucous membranes of the throat by gargling.
If you gargle with tea and tea is a better than water further. Components of catechins in tea, etc., it is higher because there is a strong sterilization effect, flushing and sterilization effect is obtained.


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