[Simple] clothes unnecessary reuse of

Clothes became 着れなく, particularly t-shirts and polo shirts like you are why I learnt to like things? Seems so no choice or Kagura insulators or nightclothes, throw, long scissors reuse as a cleanup tool.

Materials required

  • Unnecessary clothes
  • Scissors


  1. Scissors with zakzak door processes flank around the clothing. Also around the other flank the door processes. In that way, one large fabric
  2. Hack one clothing 布状, was a reasonable size. Cut because usability bad around the collar polo shirt you, thrown away.
  3. Over at easy-cleaning rag voila!

Notes and tips

  • Chip issues considerably, so now let’s clean vacuum cleaner.
  • Y shirt, 吸い取らない moisture too much because this method is not suitable for.


Like a rag to reuse the old cloth made in this way is called cloth (※ English Waste: waste & scrap rags and waste 訛った one).
It is used to wipe off dirt and oil machinery factories in available at home. For example, you can once dumped around the stove and put the also汚retara rejects oil, etc., wipe and keep around the kitchen to clean.
In addition, kitchen, toilet or window cleaning, so that 使えたり bicycle body Polish and more useful. ※ Think how to dispose of the free market, or a State of good clothes recycling shops also do better.


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