Effective reading time

Interesting book forgetting the time will be 読みふけって. But keep reading for a long time is a big no-no. Human body well there not.

It will be 読みふけって when it meets the funny books, just continued is like.
Nor would many never do in a moving train and Shinkansen continue reading a book. But so often not the body. Much will put 1 ° cut as the ideal 90 minutes is good.
From human concentration limit 90 minutes as it is. Lowered efficiency over 90 minutes, is in many classes are 90 minutes, standards to approximately 90 minutes movie. Also given that the fatigue of the eye and you are in the same posture for a long time, as well.
We do not continue reading for a long time.
It is 味わえなく fun fun book of the long-awaited original. Just when the continuation of いれましょう the rest 10 minutes every 90 minutes,. To regain the fatigue of the eye to illuminate the heated towels, moving your body to diversion of Nice.
Just reading wig wig and read what is not. Let you enjoy the read.


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