HP tricks put background table

I think making the what you want with little. We introduce such when handy tricks.

Set the background to the table.
Is as simple as that
To partially transform the background is useful to look better. So how do I do? The answer is simple.
The table uses <TABLE> </TABLE> tags It is good do the background attribute of.
Example ) < TABLE background = background file name >
This is OK.
If the background file name
Background of the table switches to the specified file. However, it is not just enough. Cannot set the background in the cell?
Of course you can. use the <TABLE> of <TD> </TD> tags.
Example ) <TABLE> <TR> < TD background = background file name >< /TD >< / tr >< editionline/table >
You can just change the background from <TABLE> to <TD> to toggle the display of the background image.


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