[Disaster] proper shelter Art 6 provisions of fire

Most people まかれて smoke, most often in the fire is gone. Fire at six introduce the correct way to escape.


  1. It wears the first, without worrying about quick escape! Once outside, back and 2 when prompted.
  2. I saw the flames, Fleeing from the head or wear a water soaked towel.
  3. Flee while shouting, do not run. Become a rough breathing is from inhaling the smoke.
  4. When fleeing as closing the door of the room.
  5. Under the fleeing in high-rise apartments.
    It is especially used the emergency staircase. From the smoke has become harder to come is the very stairs?
  6. Towel or handkerchief soaked mouth, while
    Fleeing the lower body. Fresh air may 30 cm from the floor.


Is that hard water and towels near hard
It heads into these 吸い込まない smoke anyway. All smoke rise in toxic gas nature or may.


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