6 Kommentare 6 model kits make useful tools

Bought model kits make fit well enough to enjoy wants to model kits beautiful little, started building model kits from this introduction 6 Kommentare 6 make for a useful tool.


Use the Nipper is separate from a (guy like plastic ※ part is connected to the frame that) runners, each part. Usually Nipper would 傷めて parts for cutting thick. You can cut parts cleanly by using dedicated Nipper.
To cut a thick plastic, such as force, because the blade 傷みます, please mind. [[vc] Nipper /vc, buying from here please.

Design knife

Design knife cut made parts cut nippers, and used to take the leave. So very sharp sharpness requires handling the attention. During the author would do once in a while, I’m using to 刺さったり the finger hurts (^ _ ^;)
It will also substitute a cutter. [vc] design knife [/vc, buying from here please.

Cutting mat

Used when working with the separation of parts and design knife cutting mat is hurting desk.
Not just makeing gunpura, and, when using the cutter to something useful, you have either wouldn’t hurt. [vc]-cutting mat [/vc, buying from here please.

Gundam marker

Gundam marker “SUMI put” to use. “SUMI put” “of, say that ( mold ) Groove Gunpla parts with color highlighting. Sumi put colors as three colors black, gray and Brown.
Good with black Gundam marker to dark brown, and other eye colors, such as grey, red and yellow, thin, white color (is a matter of preference also). [vc] Gundam marker [/vc, buying from here please.


Use glue adhesive part. Matter of fact, glue even recently are crackling gone and can assemble. Hence the word “patch set” I.
However, at 合わせ目 between the parts would be, for example to “合わせ目 off” is mandatory and accidentally broke the parts such as you can use, so please let’s put at hand. [vc] glue [/vc, buying from here please.


I’m using the tweezers is what? May seem and the used before posting such as fine as Miss hand seal or decal.
Tweezers decal is pretty fine have handy. [vc] tweezers [/vc, buying from here please.


Tools other than given above 6 Kommentare water files and it also has useful.

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