Make delicious ice tips

The ice used, such as whiskey or soju grog
Kaji commercially huh split ice is delicious.
Should just buy a commercial ice everytime
Is still a cost to make delicious home ice.
Water in such a case, Introduces how to make delicious ice is easy to make.

Materials required

  • Yacan or pan
  • Ice types
  • Things (even rap is OK) can type ice cap
  • Tap water


  1. Because the water pot or yacan.
  2. Water in cauldrons, water cool
  3. Bath lid to allow water to ice type making ice in the freezer

Notes and tips

  • Please make sure tannin
  • Be sure to cover it when you put ice in refrigerator


Not boil water, normally cool and make ice.
Because the chlorine odor is left absolutely taste the grog fell.
And even not lid type of ice in the freezer is the odor of food
So miniscule in the ice, it is recommended always to cover. This commercial Kaji is you can make the ice often delicious ice.


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