[Idea] disaster quick and simple diaper

Was recently introduced in NHK’s “morning market”
How to build a simple and quick diaper disasters and disaster was introduced.

Introduces how to videos below.

System of Government-NHK General (Osaka)-[S] ASA [simple toilet and simple diaper] set [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysE5HOqFH4Y]

◯ Portable toilet
    -Dan ball
  A relatively sturdy ones
    -Plastic bags
  A larger is preferred

Duct tape and scissors ( cutter )
   [How to]

◯ stuff required for a simple diaper
  -Shopping bags
  Bath towel, towel
  [How to]

For more information, so is introduced in the NHK website please go. http://www.NHK.or.jp/asaichi/2011/03/17/01.html


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