[Music] Imai Miki’s featured albums

Imai Miki’s own favorite albums I gathered.

Album called “Ivory”

Ivory Imai Miki says that the album is a recommended best album.
This album has a lovely song of Miki Imai is
From uptempo number thrown until balance is often included.

Smile she and TIP ONN DUO and the pupils are all 14 pieces, from. icon icon Look at the HMV “Ivory”


“Mocha” featured in summer

Featured album I want to thank you for listening! summer of Miki Imai
Is an album named mocha.
This album is a TOKYO 8, sunglasses that up-tempo
Songs like feel of the midsummer sun begins.
Medium-tempo song became gradually toward the Middle,
はしっと finally have up off the ground the night the ballad ends with.

Starting at, and greet last night comes out very atmosphere. See “MOCHA under a full moon” in Amazon


Western cover album “fiesta”

Imai Miki’s fiesta named album, Western
It is very featured album covers famous songs.
Now one would want to listen to winter.
Such as the superstar of the carpenters ‘ songs included.
Imai Miki’s gentle singing very special mind.

Finally ends at X’mas in original one song only Japan language. Show “fiesta” on Amazon

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