Decreasing natural moisture skin lotion

Introduces the natural origin that can be made even a lotion of numerous skin lotion.

The world of many skin care cosmetic products. I’ve tried various kinds of cosmetics until several years ago that had things like throw away tired.
At one time, and gives skin moisture beauty only white’s article lotion, at least not the transparency out of reading, Marinade, glycerine and urea どくだみ lotion I picked leaves the どくだみ side of the family had grown large.
So at this edgy feeling moist and whitening besides the desire is exploiting the lotion had put the shochu Let me smell of alcohol from the morning go to company was failing because it should not be abandoned.
To work around it, had to pack night with homemade どくだみ gel in the morning the skin sensitive to slick now your skin. It is recommended to store so interested and seasonal leaves of どくだみ, and that those making more.


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