Pay in deposit Department

I asked for sickness and, still reminded banks and credit unions.
But did you know I actually can deposit even the famous department store?
Especially nowadays, such as ultra low interest rates during may become very effective fund management. That existence itself is not much known, is even more great benefits packed interest besides. We introduce the part.

[Keio, King Tomo no Kai]
-Deposit available 3000 yen per month.
For example receive your shopping card and if the 積み立て 3000 yen per month, to deposit over 12 months, plus bonus minutes per month deposit amount at maturity.
Presented this friend society membership card, you will have 5% discount in shopping over $2000 1 times.
Also include cultural courses for special discounts and giveaways, membership.
EMI friend ( Mitsukoshi ) [Association]
-Deposit can 5,000 yen per month.
Also could shopping voucher for the bonus 1 month upon maturity in the Reserve Fund of the year.
Shop presentation of membership card and other, a special discount, tickets, events, facilities, etc.
Discount hotels, cinema-related facilities are abundant.
[Family Club Tokyu, Tokyu department store]
Monthly 3,000 yen-masonry can be set up.
As well as bonus by year funding is.
That good Tokyu all families receive service this deposit to become members of this club. Also, deals very people so you can with Tokyu point cards, using many.


Other, Isetan, Seibu, Daimaru, Hankyu, Matsuya, Odakyu, Takashimaya Department store and Hanshin and Kintetsu, also.
For more information please contact each Department etc.
※ Disadvantages at a department store with sickness, but these sickness is not transparant. However, in what is decided there is no difference in very good financial products.



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