[Musical instruments] practice anyways guiter!

I wanted to write guiter and know-how of the hobby.


  1. At first, align exercise tool (laughs) Guitar tuner guitar stand shield amplifier etc.
    Look at actual instrument shop, to consult with the clerk of the vicinity best! And progress for the first after basic training! And the basic technology is not.
    Guitar case chord movement practice and learn the code, including such basic practice at first, think.
    Remember the code, let’s widen or challenging arpeggios and slap, and finger plays such as, and place their sound! Easy way to experience the feeling that actually came about my body is seen playing their favorite artists and songs. The practice already gone very motivated is up in fun and also gradually feel a certain response that has been “ready”.

Notes and tips

  • To practice sitting is usually like, but for actually playing well, live is best practice to stand.


Anyway love the instrument!
Any time spent on instruments!
To Enjoy is meaningless.
And is not well enough to practice as well as good practice to be of no will. Guitar practice lover is long and filled with messing with, course also care here is legit!




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