I know scary story “Kaoru of kuchisake-Onna and I”

Urban legend that I know and would introduce a scary story.

You crack the famous mouth as urban legends or legendary female public? Her name is “Kaoru’s I” that seems to be the is any non-it is not known.
Woman with big mask from 道前 return from school to appear
“I clean? 」
So it asked.
So, seemingly to mask only the pretty woman “I am beautiful.
“And, The mask is read
“This time? 」

Ask and it is.
The transliterations surprised horrible look mouth split ears who is the face of it seems to have hit.
According to one theory “Kaoru and I” will appreciate pomade have hate the smell of the pomade or.
Disagree and hate the pomade that word itself 3 times running away or said. Try carry a pomade for when you attacked is?.


It’s famous urban legends, so everyone’s time?


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