Recommendations for hair beauty

Little tricks to keep hair beautiful?

Treatments a week several times to do.

Hair Studio Satsuki はじめましたら, and care
Treatments consider after the shampoo and conditioner. You can use two or three times a week can keep rambling, to prevent the spread of hair hairstyle.

After I washed my hair, do not rub 拭きましょう.

When the after shampoo, hair rinse, wipe the hair towels in
擦らず scrub, tap on the towel, unstable moisture in the hair. You can help relieve the pain of the hair and by doing so, and keep your hair healthy.

Use Moose hair spread or spray.

Hair Studio and comes about, will be insufficient water and
Just rambling but will spread.
And try to use the spray or spread the mousse
Allows you to produce cohesive hairstyle. If the smaller carry is useful.


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