windowsxp does not boot troubleshooting

introduces the remedy: windowsxp does not start.


  1. Removed from your computer hard drive, start the computer.
    HDD failure or cause to display the BIOS, operating system malfunction.

    If the BIOS does not show cause is failure of components such as power supplies, memory, and M/B.
    [Supplementary] information
    This fan is to prevent the breakdown of CPU and CPU thermal runaway.
    From the BIOS screen appears, the CPU is alive still.
    Once broken CPU PC does not work.
    So you first move the CPU fan.

    Open inside of your PC, and cleaners reseating the connector, such as.
    CPU fan is the successful, enjoyments
    The installed HDD PC, we start in safe mode.
    (1) Immediately turning gently pounding [F8] key to display the selection screen.
    (2) To choose “safe mode”.

    When the safe mode screen, restart (3).
    When a safe start and end
    A variety of settings within the system, check the automatically
    As a result of OS still recovering. Does not recover in this case, possible HDD failure.


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