Enjoy a cutlassfish

The cutlassfish enjoy winter and spring. Coast cold but is dying prey like fishing. It is delicious to eat above all.


  1. Cutlassfish will fish in the breakwater is good. What begin as fishing reserve, also requires winter protection. Come fishing in cold back it’s disgusting is it. Clothes and Cairo is where you want.
    Depending on the fishing, basically easy movement are featured. Shrimp and better food. Lugworms also be caught, and think of biting mechanism in shrimp is good.
  2. 2 Way of fishing.
    One, while scattering bait for fishing
    Is one of the other’s waters fishing Can be better like this. If you’re still doing fit of fishing waters?
    Quietly to CHUM if it is cool.
    Merval is reacts to, so moving one anyway to show the movement is best. Note Use CHUM bait sown not sunk immediately.
  3. If it was able to Mbale, now is another fun.
    It is grouper dishes.
    Merval is served in fish, still is natural, preferably through a fire might.
    Mackerel simmered with is recommended if good shape.
    Scales and internal firmly, ornamental knives to get your preparation. 煮立った put the pot with sake, merín, sugar, water, soy dosage to put Mbale, about 2-3 minutes in the 煮こめば is finished.
    Add ginger and green onions taste OK.
    It is delicious even fried chicken if you’re not a big thing.
    Removes scales and internal firm, furikake salt, flour and starch candy. After putting in the oil and FRY. It is also delicious and 揚がったら dry, put the lemon juice.


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