How to save water in the toilet Advanced ed.

Sterilizing equipment attached at the top of the tank-type toilets. If you are using in this, he was quite a diligent personality and if you feel that is the recommended method of saving.

Who used remaining water bath smarter, washing and toilet water-saving fixtures people saving for the texture. If you have up there, let delving into further saving step.
Large bottles (l 1-2) puts the remaining water in the bath. Are put directly in the basin in my house, and frustrating if you’re using 漏斗(じょうご) easier.
Aside it several permanent toilets. Iodide is after the water flows from the sterilizing equipment, I’ll be 流し込んじゃ bottled water tanks together at this time. A good amount of it is interesting. I’m always like that with water is noticed again.


Attention is one of the. Water comes out from the sterilizing equipment, prepared at least as much as possible hand washable only under INE. It is repeating this everytime requires quite patiently. “面倒臭がり ya says” Hey might be tight.


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