Net terms P-T

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

PC?? To your PC.
Or is that the player character.
  PK?? Player Killer/Killing. Act beat the player character in the online game.
  Or the Act Players do it. Mostly hits the prohibited acts.
PvP is different.
  PKK?? Player Killer Killer.
  People who mainly Kill a Player Killer.
Good intentions or just want to enjoy each others.
  POP?? It boils down to the enemy.
Rather it boils down to if there are specific requirements and conditions POP meet.
  POT?? the stands of the potion (potion).
Is recovery drug Lord.
  PS?? Player / ‘ stands for s skill. Character of the player force.
A term used in high-action game.
The strategy of the Party (party ).
  PvP?? Player Vs Player stands.
That the so-called human race.
And the fight against characters leave from the place of.
  RMT?? Abbreviation for Real Money Trading. To buy or sell items or in-game money in cash.
  The cash for other
  It comes at the trader risked too annoying for the player to collect the Rares harvested and in-game money from other countries And is prohibited.
All characters have traded up account will be deleted.
  ROM?? Acronym for Read-Only Member.
Release not seats do not operate State just looking at it.
  S?? -Says. Is the abbreviated title.
So give the basic good impression should be avoided.
  SS?? Acronym for a Screen Shot. Taking the game screen as an image.
  By the game’s screenshots There is a button. If you use Print Screen button on the keyboard.
  To publish on the blog If you have trouble or used as evidence.
  Seen in many random blogs such as human
When you publish the SS where is courtesy of character names other than their own hide.
  Tank?? Strong hit of the Party of characters (of the defense force and higher).
  ’S oneself to receive the enemy’s attack Reduce the damage to the side. Walls and shields.
Trailing by a game child.
  Thx?? Thanks (thank you for short.
Used in-game chat.
  TPS?? Third Person Shooting/Shooter stands for. Third perspective shooter.




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