Introducing the diet effect of tea!

Have often said and getting shape effect in tea

What is recommended or summarized.
  System of government obesity = Oolong (oolong tea)
  A lot of Chinese tea, have said obesity panacea.
  Type semi-fermented tea which prevents excess fat accumulates in the liver

Also fat accumulation is likely will break.
  Barley?? water overweight Yanagi = as tea (tea Coix)
  Yanagi flabby of said effects on the people
  Promoting the diuretic Coix, which is included with the job’s tears tea
  Which shed moisture accumulated in the body.

People easily swelling is recommended.

※ Who easily Poker sweat bath ago you drink 1 cup effect.
  System of Government flight secret tend = herbal tea and Houttuynia tea
  どくだみ tea and herbal tea are effective to rid of constipation, swelling.
  Such as Juniper, fennel, Chamomile herbal tea is recommended.

Let me to pick, especially ones do not contain caffeine.
  Eating too much?? person = ginseng tea
  Siberian Ginseng tea, anti stress interaction and can be refreshing.
  As the trend of people eating too much, staining tend to eat
  Frustrated and ginseng tea presses will stress.

Is so good to the skin.
 Each tend to drink tea by the effect of each is important
 I’m greedy elements of all tea is one of the
 Drink tea “100 grass water”.
 So actually, effect very good diet.

Give it a try.
   - hundreds
   100 Grass water is a healthy tea tea 100 natural ingredients combined with built. Is is easier to drink and clean taste.
   All ingredients are natural tea with.
   100 Grass water is clean and taste, you can drink barley tea sense.
   Water out, and you can be more delicious drink.
   You can build soon, even cold.
      ”100 Grass 100 water >
      Barley, brown rice, hub tea, caramel, houttuynia cordata, Chinese wolfberry leaves, persimmon,
      Reishi, licorice, tencha tea, tochu leaves and Thorn (hawtorn), Chen skin, chrysanthemum,
      Beside the fact, loquat leaf, wormwood, Coix, Rooibos, Ginkgo biloba, beach tea, guava tea,
      Wood mint tea, mulberry tea, gymnema, Banaba, equisetum arvense, Meghri, jiaogulan,
      Alcanza, kelp, soybean, shiitake, roasting tea, part, tea, ashitaba leaves,
      Turmeric, Sanna stem, Garcinia, lemon peel, Awa, black beans, Che, coffee,
      Quinoa, honeysuckle, safflower, evening primrose, pollen, yams and dynamics in a lucidophyllous, ginger,
      Eleutherococcus senticosus, Emma grass, plantain and ground-Ivy,real, cinnamic,
      Dandelion root, corn, nandina leaves, gunda, chickweed, peppermint, diamond real, real matatabi,
      Tux, yacon, Gong, PIV, Karin, moroheiya, grape stem, rafma,
      Full-scale gardenia, borey, 37 carrot, yuzu, saxifraga, mate tea, pepper, Lotus,
      Matatabi branches, Agaricus, platycodon grandiflorus, Sichuan Pepper, garlic, Aloe, green tea, oolong tea, ginseng, pomegranate


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