[Fishing] winning method for night fishing

Unexpected danger accompanies the case especially for fishing, night fishing, and around the junk and putting the people went tends to be happening in the daytime or more. Note the risk of night fishing, manners and きちん is what kept the fishing fun night.

Considerations for night fishing

1. Said bright out fishing for the first time, get ready for fishing.
2. ヘッド・ライト is useful at night fishing, tends to be about away on the light. But put the light toward the sea is strictly prohibited. Carelessly up against the sea, the fish away, is annoying to the people around. Sure, back to sea to shining a light from towards the. Also, don’t’s breakwater and strolls on the light. The fish away.
3. Disregarding or spare reels, together, put plastic bags. Is scattered around to avoid dangerous feet and subjected to sea spray, so damage to fishing gear in the sand. To equipment put in the sand, behind better place is a bit inconvenient!
4. Becomes very hot, even night beach is cold pretty daytime,. Thorough exposure measures, such as a sweater!
5. Especially let the attention to people around.


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