[Travel] typical tourist destinations in Niigata Prefecture and theme list

This is a list of typical tourist destination of Shiga Prefecture and theme parks.

-Naeba ski resort
Mt. Naeba Chongjin River tributary of the Shinano River, Niigata Pref., West Tower, on the occupied part of the Shin 越高 National Park, shoots Shandong slope Southeast of the Naeba ski international. Leisure boom after World War II, is once interfere with traffic by prefectures high steep mountains and deep snow, visiting from outside the Prefecture who had little snow and Sado island was sightseeing of Niigata Prefecture. In recent years, development of high speed transportation networks and tourists is increasing further.
The main Aquarium
Japan the sea marine PIA
Family Museum, on the levee Aquarium Museum, Temple night
The main theme
Kashiwazaki Turkey culture village,
-Joetsu international Playland
Green pea Tsu-South Sunshine-Myoko-land


As attractions making us famous Niigata Prefecture.

Visit with your family, holiday?. System of government travel, stay here

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