Cheese baked salmon immediately make

With salmon and cheese for the human effort spent like introduce a delicious dish.

Materials required

  • Salmon (fillets, salted is untouched not)… 2 Slices
  • For cheese (small engraved for pizza is good)…. Dosage
  • Butter… 5 g
  • Soy sauce… Dosage


  1. Warmed the frying pan, melt the butter.
  2. Over medium heat, Cook the salmon fillets.
    Don’t often tern over, and ponder in overall each side feels light attaches to Color Dodge. Depending on the form of fillets, rather than just the front, so half-baked part three-dimensional given the changing charred let’s twist.
  3. Good salmon, burnt into the soy sauce. Seasoning with salt is preferred, because salt is included to cheese, think better with TSP-1 or 2 long.
  4. Suit put on fire, taste the cheese, pan lid. In the remaining heat melt cheese.
  5. While waiting for the cheese became mushy, dishes, delicious I.


“ Dish with fish”vaguely annoying image that is, this time make Sasai and without. Using the fillet packs, unnecessary as well as preparing, became suddenly knob liquor is wanting, such as please try.


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