[Travel] typical sights of Mie Prefecture and theme list

This is a list of typical tourist destinations in the Mie Prefecture of amusement parks.

-Married couple rock of Futami Futami okitama shrine 神石 offshore and sunk in ISE, Mie Prefecture East Coast destinations, Futami Pudong is, rocks and venerate his and 神石 rock. Two small rocks and coupled with the five in continuous rope, rope remapping 3 times a year event.
The main Aquarium
-Toba Aquarium
-Shima Marineland -Ise Shima skyline
The main theme
Suzuka circuit
-Nagashima Spa land
And-ISE Azuchi Momoyama Bunka Mura
Shima Spain village,
-IGA-Ryu Ninja Museum Beautiful cedar resort


Lobster and Matsusaka beef, delicious foods also lots in Mie Prefecture.

Visit with your family, holiday?. System of government travel, stay here

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