[Movie] [Westworld] of mystery…? Michael Crichton

Is writer Michael Crichton died from Oita leave the film, his novel is still famous. This film was his directorial work. Starring: Yul Brynner

Knows his name in whatever work you may know by hobby, tendency and character of its people.
[Jurassic Park: the most famous? 
Or maybe it’s TV [er]? He has digested and draft of the film, screenplay and Director as well as novels. It is studied medicine in many areas of its work.
[Westworld] was hit him first to the Director movie.
This announcement is 1973. Situations, such as replacing dinosaurs of Jurassic Park regia land (amusement facilities) Islands robot, is because the longer write, is.
Remembered thinking there and saw a story like this somewhere in memory. [Astro Boy Atom roboptrand] of the volume. Published in the magazine “boy” is a 1962. [Westworld] of 10 years ago. Different from the story itself. Was that Atom help our robot revolt of the robots for humans being oppressed robot villain in the atom at Westworld.
Anyone could reference the atom 無きにしも非ず or would not? Why not?


Becomes out of date, but first did this author [Andromeda strain] movie.

I felt something like cool observant doctors experience-backed exaggeration? Amazon.co.jp ウィジェット


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