Try reading Japan Edition Batman in English

Once had a boy King boy magazine. So cartoonist won fame in the Atman that Jiro Kuwata was series the Batman.

And being translated in Japan at that time, the famous AME-COMI said, Superman and Batman, after Snoopy place only had to remember. Later Spider-man generally known?
Batman and especially draw Kuwata said Japan version seen eyes smart and sharpness of the picture and was floored. Draw ニールアダムズ and Jack Kirby’s, had made a taste unlike painting called AME-COMI, Japan versions of their own. Just had problems with copyright, national book of not ever was the phantom works.
However, I found that buy this piece recently on Amazon. I’m American company has published this piece. I once read comics fans, アメコミファン interesting.


Naturally Serif is not Japan to the. Try one, gonna try the English barons are strikes.


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