Typical tourist destination Nagano [travel / travel]-theme list

This is a list of typical attractions of Nagano Prefecture and theme parks.

And Matsumoto Castle Located in the heart of Matsumoto city, Nagano Prefecture, and comes with a 5-tier Castle Inui small Castle Tower, Tatsumi Yagura, TSUKIMI Yagura,.
-The main Zoo
  Suzaka City Zoo
  Chausuyama Zoo
  Various small Zoo IIDA City Zoo
-The main Aquarium Tateshina science Aquarium
The main theme
  Erzgebirge Toy Museum
  Beauty month field plateau Museum
  Birch Lake Familyland
  Nobeyama mountain SL land
  RI civil child Ninja village of detached 隠忍
  Birthplace of southern Shinshu province du INA Valley Road
  World the Karuizawa Museum
  Forest of Shinshu shiojiri agricultural Park in Tyrol Municipal children’s amusement park


Nagano, Shinshu soba noodles, gourmet and delicious winter sports thriving. Holiday, come visit?.

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