Figure toy

I’m feeling figure of recently built an elaborate, even brought out 2D to 3D intact.
Come here and want is it will be people’s affection. But I am perplexed and show a price…. Figma nante? when such

is established in movement and beauty of the art with figma figure series. Anyway good work. Easier to reproduce the scene of the story.
But the art is reproduced faithfully.
There are many accessories is also attractive. As the figures impeccable will do.
It is the price anxious.
I think if only of perfection, of course, prices hanging up…. I’m somehow change around 3,000 yen. Been discounted, of course, if the OTC Zara and perhaps 2500 yen.
Will the price and this completeness was embarrassed to dabble in figure who attracted do?

Finally will let me add the developer ASAI Maki’s words. “Products like greeted with such end playing will empty, but progressed to become good”
Remember kid, try buying one?


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