[Art] undercover street artist of mystery to the British bases and

Undercover street artist of mystery to the British bases and

Banksy (banksy, date of birth unmake public) is a London activity centre undercover artists. Take the technique around the world draw on guerrilla social satirical graffiti art, street art. Banksy himself try to hide their profile, as well as often unsure his real name.
Exhibits and homebrew in popularity all over the world famous Museum room, not for a while nobody noticed that became a topic continued to exhibit in 2005.
Leave strong anti-capitalist and anti-power politics color Graffiti Wall Street uses stencil ( pattern ) unauthorized his works on-site, such as the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of art,, display, performance, known as “art terrorist” from some people. ‘ Exit-through-the gift shop documentary funky man will is given been man chasing a Banksy video graffiti tee artists Banksy and by unawares, 2010, ‘ and directed, was nominated for the Academy best documentary of the year.


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