[Tropical fish breeding] how to homebrew DIS embedded expression filter

Filtration equipment in tropical fish breeding has various things that may cast expression filters, such as ロカボーイ and made eight introduces homebrew sort expression filter with plastic bottles to make.

Materials required

  • Any size bottle
  • Cone
  • Air tube
  • Earth tones
  • Air pump
  • Gregan or Bangkok (one without sterilization effect)
  • Cutter
  • Filtration ring ( smallish )
  • Vinyl chloride pipe


  1. At the top of the bottle (under-5 cm across) the space down hole about 30-20 more suitable pyramid,.
  2. To cut, chopped off the end of the vinyl chloride diagonally under the merge from the spout bottle, blocking vinyl chloride pipe and plastic bottles at the entrance of Grogan, and fixed.
  3. So good anywhere in the side of the bottle cutter coins of cut and shaped. Note in this case to 切り落とさない.
  4. Coins of the packs filtration ring from a hole-shaped cut.
  5. “Crammed tightly earlier coins of glue-shaped notch with Grogan.
  6. The lower from vinyl chloride pipe on air tube attached to the earth tones. Earth tone is invisible from the cut diagonally cut during this time, please.
  7. After connecting the air pump, equipped with water tanks is completed.


Would allow commercial investments including expression filter is very cheap, seemingly without benefit of varied size bottle match that put like filtration and water.


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