[2011 B-1 Grand Prix: introduction of the top gourmet

11 12-13, 2011, 6 B-1 Prix B class here gourmet festival is held. Besides introducing gourmet place.
Exhibition of video is here. http://www.know-how.jp/dailyvideos/189306/

Change [Gold Granpuri ] Zen Yaki Soba (Okayama)

Each family devise hiruzen plateau, 0/1955, formulated, there It was not is boom eat such as Yakisoba and Genghis Khan.
Philly Zen yaki was born from Flied noodle,

Thick miso-based original is Kashiwa slump and parent chicken meat with noodles.
 System of government official is here. http://www.hiruzen.info/Yakisoba/

[Silver Granpuri] tsuyama hormone udon (Okayama)

More than 50 shops, offering hormone udon somehow in tsuyama,

There is also the shops in offering more than 50 years ago.
As the stamina food eaten cold, too hot days of summer
Appetizers quench old people home from work tired,

Excellent compatibility with beer.
In addition to film hormones noodle in the tsuyama became the stage it is!

“Female hormones”http://horumon-girl.laff.jp/
 System of government official is here. http://tsuyama-horumonudon.com/


[Bronze Granpuri] Hachinohe crackers juice (Aomori)

Hachinohe crackers juice is the food put by dividing the southern crackers in the juice took a cookbook, meat, fish, vegetables or mushrooms, etc..

Stews and soups are eaten.

Or crackers, it was developed specifically for the soup so too often easily relieved.
 System of government official is here. http://www.senbei-jiru.com/


The B-class gourmet here I feel especially recently for rises!

What is eaten and can be satisfied with the taste too hungry favorite sounds ^ ^

So seems to be held in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture next year, and nearly of who visits please try what?
 System of Government No. 6 times b-1 Grand Prix official HP http://www.B1-Himeji.jp/index.html


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