[Gardening] raise Lonicera gracilipes glabra

Lonicera gracilipes glabra small trumpet-shaped flowers. Perfect for colored Spring Garden.


  1. And planting way Immediately sprinkle, seeding, removing pulp from ripe summer fruit.
    Because seeds are dry and hard to germinate, when storing spring leave buried and damp sand. Cutting experiment is around 3. Cut 10-15 branch extends from the tip, and extrapolate to the pot.
    Note you do not dry in. Up, will be planted next year remains. Still flowers would be so noticeable will take still three to four years.
  2. And to raise It grows in sunny locations.
    Grew up who will grow in the shade, and you wanted to do.
    Soil grow any environment fairly is good drainage is appropriate,. No fertilizers as well as particularly necessary. So be careful water especially outside of summer planted area, if you don’t.
  3. And care To prune older branches.
    January and February around the leaf fall is the time.
    Also older branches with flowers prefer so not well grow worse, new branches must be switched off. Pruning it is specifically required.
    Naturally grouped together. So not notable pest damage, to prune branches once a year old either do not.


At least Lonicera gracilipes glabra is a child of 1832–1908 flower hands-free. It is very delicious, and real.
Look at the so have good eating, by all means please brought. However, there are Lonicera gracilipes glabra and fruit similar to poisonous plants. Let’s make sure brought up the Lonicera gracilipes glabra or Chan and eat.


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