Tips to solve the problem during the test

Aruju Ke n

Is help answer was careful with the student, I have to answer test.

Never was ability as expected when you test the?
Especially, problems Center exam or qualification exam, many important test when And I feel like more impatience.
So, when I solve a test we try to the following.
Test paper once dealt quickly check contents of a number of issues and problems. 2.
  Is will solve the first problem, solve certainly solvable from
After the turn is time consuming. 3. From one problem to solve, will solve the difficult problem thoroughly.

Testing always has a time limit.
So 焦れば matter not within the time limit to fret, Mistake or problem mistake like you normally do, will is no longer spend time later issues.
So, I have to solve certain problems.


In the test tricks but test as a prerequisite before
Or, review learning solid I think it is important to familiarize yourself with the test format, mock testing issues.


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