[Gardening] Cattleya upbringing

Cattleya said Hiroshi Orchid Queen. It is extra careful, you can enjoy beautiful flowers that only.


  1. From / to buy Are not often take care, such as temperature and sunlight, so recommended to grow in the garden too. It grows in the pot and is easy to move. Even if sold in potted gardening shop, fine.
    Breathable unglazed pot is good, because if you replace will be better. When repotting, 水ゴケ the Yodo. Also purchased a darker 水ゴケ you want, and if you are like spoiled change to new ones. Note the root to prevent scratching.
  2. -Daily cleaning To foster high standard is 10 to 30 degrees. Below exceeds this, it will not grow.
    Brought up in a room especially sunlight sunny winter is better. Summer sun is strong and causes leaf burn. To 浴びない the sunlight and make 50% shading.
    Note the airy place so that the temperature does not change rapidly. Water gives plenty and Spears, so growth of spring is dry. Even though the temperature lower winter well ahead ahead water. To sleep that way, and resistance to cold.
  3. -Increase Breeds will increase. Go disinfect blades often and when.
    Pasteurized sweet may have become infected with the disease.
    And adopted from the management behind half nearly two weeks, back then. Increase in the breeds. When the cut stem breeds note to disinfect the blade often infecting virus disease. Also manages shade sunny little half two weeks breeds after elsewhere, then back to the original management.
  4. -Pest notes Is prone to viral diseases as diseases.
    Including sterilization remember properly. Also by slugs. Disinfected as soon as found.


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