[Fishing] choosing bait fishing.

Lugworms and Jayme, ISOM, Hokkaido (かんちゅうるい) frequently used to bait fishing,, sea shrimp and freshwater shrimp, and crab, or crayfish fishing is used as a feed.
In addition, Pike and sometimes to cut small squid with.
Other, sometimes with white meat chicken, sweet potato and watermelon as a shellfish such as clams, ギジエサ, and special. If you choose food according to your favorite fish at the well from it.


Sea shrimps, freshwater shrimp is good bait fishing. Be used as live bait, fish for Suzuki and Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus in spinning.


The breakwater around and use aim circuli, surfcasting. No worries, taken feed on small fish, shrimp and bait worms, such as the ISO me suitable for big aim.


Eh, as many small cut in the fishing use. Especially spinning, used on the corbina and gilthead big aim.


Cut small squid and fish feed.

Considerably smaller, Japanese whiting sillago japonica fishing. * said about Japanese black porgy, is used quite a lot of food. Clams and crayfish will circuli feed. Crayfish, also イチモチ Peel used as a feed.
Also, clams are used as food for spinning encounter lick fishing, local. Loach also as something special. Is used to pull Suzuki and flounder fishing.


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