Growing edible plants [gardening].

Raising edible plants are recommended.

Membrane and pumpkin seeds, real man after eating in the garden.

After eating pumpkin will take several species.
And and try achieving your garden, soon put out buds,
And grow well, made of pumpkin fruit, Available for cooking, as you can eat delicious.

You can catch persimmon in the garden.

Persimmon trees let planted in your garden.
It takes several years, eventually eaten fall
 You can harvest a lot persimmon fruit.
Kaki took, around 5 seconds long and put the bungling dosage shochu. Supermarket bags, and leave them, can be grudging knockout.

And planting Apple trees in your garden, you can harvest apples.

Let Apple trees planted in the garden.
There are many different types of apples, comparing Apple’s relatively small real
 Will let pick at start. By, well, you can harvest lots of Apple fruit.

Scented leaves are orange.

After eating tangerines let achieving, in the garden.
 Grow a bud on the leaves of trees.
Is in fact still not taken the Leafs, try 千切って.

You can enjoy a lovely citrus fragrance.
«Use the leaves of the Orange»
Growing orange trees and leafs immigration
 千切ります, spectator number of cards.
Put it, such as dishes and favorite instrument if, in your room. Entire room wrapped in citrus aroma, will plays the role of air fresheners.


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