[Gardening] raising Santana

Santana awfully weak cold despite a strong heat. You should cultivate potted plants can move to the place.


  1. And planting way
    Increase cutting experiment.
    Might be good at temperatures about 20 degrees of 5-7 days. Cut a length of about 4-5 from the tip of a branch of flowers bloom, remove the lower leaves. Securely connect to steady it.
    Good drainage and water have the soil. If you raised about 1 month while carefully do not dry in the soil so that the bright shade out new roots, begin to grow. Extent, once firmly 植え替えましょう the pot.
  2. And to raise Well sucks water and autumn from the spring. And here is water dry topsoil.
    Note do not out. So cold fall as growth weakens water watering ahead coming little by little.
    Winter is good in will somewhat sterile. Flowers like sunshine, so grows in sunny locations.
    However, prefer leaves there during the summer and sunshine too strong to tarnish because evacuated in light shade. So weak cold winter from late autumn sunny room good should probably moved into place.
  3. And care Is the time to flower after pruning. 切り落としましょう thin branches or flowers from the groin. So that new shoots and branches will help growth.
    The shoots are pierced tree can be used. It would be better with branches long stretches when you cut tip.
    Form is often willingly ramifications. Do the relocated in June and July.
    Keep cheek and roots jam caused. Much old at 1 / 3 unplugged from the bowl, dropped, twelve 植え替えましょう big pots.


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