[Tot] tips for driving in snow

When the slopes toward the car, and enjoy a ski and snowboard season Would like as much as possible without accident.
Know the nature of the road, let’s drive the snowy fun.

First of all, Let’s prepare States tires or tire chains anyway.
If you run them with no snow, due to weather very dangerous, since to Sure to mount.
Also, I don’t know what will happen during the operation.
If you have a detachable chain, such as advance practice So that we can respond quickly and have a good idea.
Important is not to step the brake and accelerator suddenly in the snow.
Tire slipping, steep Axel leads such as skid. When you slip will slip and get stepped on the brakes, the reverse.
Careful with, so just put speed
Downhill speed of easy-to-go, and shade-not frozen, Tamer feel especially such as the curve of centrifugal forces work, about driving safety.

Or driving down a gear pump brake ( pressed stepped braking Gradually put the brake whilst ) valid for use while driving.



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