Location of lower temperature soon [exhaustion measures]

Summer production, the norm is 35 degree weather forecast.
It is really hot.
Cooling and power toy is often If you use the effective 冷やしません?

Cool and effective, 3 points

Recharger huh, many toy stroke prevention and cool scarves, power is out.
3 Location to effectively cool the body with using such products.
System of Government of the neck carotid artery
System of Government do artery ( bystander )
System of Government rat cervical ( hip )
This 3-star is through major blood vessels in the body.
For this reason, is vessel here to cool and cold about the body, the sooner will cool the body.
Well, is easy to put wrist water water pinpoint cooling also
Has said the effect is as follows.
Minimal neck carotid artery is lightly finger two Adam around, incidentally, Back slowly, because there will ズラして and striking veins, is its location.


If the people became a problem around, and my exhaustion measures may
In this way, you can only give you mild.
So, of course, only really this is not only to aid
Going to the hospital if severe.
To reserve measures well before badly have so far is the best Throat 渇かなくて also is to take a good absorption of drinks!



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