[Fishing] point and fishing

You can also, of course, not sand, つります throw from Sandy usually spinning you, fishing, breakwater, reef or boat from trolling. Point of each fishing area and let’s give the ねらい目 fish.

Sandy point

Fish, fish or pick one Sandy no sandy beaches and offers also varies.
In General, clear water, white sand beaches, clean, clean, Japanese whiting sillago japonica likes fish is. Especially a little sea like that is gets ねらい目, where, or around the gravel is often increasingly.
Will do, イチモチ, flounder or flatfish. Home fish prefers the seabed, such as Gobies and flounder has a habit of moving while met lowered the tide cow cake “Gali road boat” mainly,. And understanding these habits, fish also take aim at the best.
Conversely, water and were purely the impure, such as black sand…, such as for example the harbour… even fish prefer places like that. Japanese black Porgy and Suzuki, will prevail in the estuary and around an extensive breakwater feed.
Spinning you can enjoy even tide through good beach.
Bass, flatfish, Japanese whiting sillago japonica aiming.
Fishing in Sandy Bay, gilthead, lingcod, flounder, and Gobies. Aimed at the Suzuki and Gobies in the waters of river?
So you can enjoy Japanese whiting sillago japonica, feel free to quiet sandy beaches, and fishing fishing beginner’s debut is perfect.


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