[English] TOEFL study methods

System changes iBT, CBT from years ago TOEFL is, requires an efficient learning method. How to get the high score in TOEFL iBT introduce from my experience.


  1. TOEFL book TOEFL Official Guide Book, and the Princeton Review, Inc. has put is teaching is recommended. Widely purchased much of the text rather than studying, Princeton book and Official TOEFL intensive studying is better. To get high scores in the Princeton book introduce the tricks. We thoroughly master of the “tricks” it is good.
  2. If you know the iBT system also know but not Listening at the iBT must high scores in Reading, Writing. Listening to intensive study might be good. Leave put on radio, such as Listening, it would have also said, I recommended is a film. Film also see extended, not even leave to play I think just Listening skill is rising.
  3. Anyway, Speaking the “clear” and it is important to speak. And the grammar is wrong even if you think your mean “clear” and emphasizes speaking practice.

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