Getting the Deco material ed.

In the Deco,
Swarovski and rhinestones
Pegasus, mobile phone, digital camera, writer, and keychain Introducing the material needed to begin decoration art.

List of required materials

 Is rather than as ordinary bond, Deco adhesive, clean finish.
 Also takes time to dry the glue is recommended to beginners.
 Is what dries faster, and quickly do adjustment difficult.
 However, with a strong and warm place lighting

Maybe better early hardening time because you care.
 -Toothpick ( overbuy )
 Surface adhesive paste taking light-at least on the
 After a temporary place used to fine-tune the parts.

Make pretty diligently to use the new toothpick trick is.
 -Cloth duct tape
 Cloth duct tape stuck in desks, and and to spread the glue,
 Paper to easily take out glue more!

So attempts glue toothpick that paper also lifting together if the paper.

Down arrow image for a larger tip

 -Magic pick
 And this is no, actually quite difference.
 Into small parts, so is difficult, such as tweezers, grab
 Adsorption power tip is that, without powering small parts easily pasted!

So not even 1000 yen, so is recommended.
 Cellophane tape
 And the dust or glue or magic in the… Adsorption force gradually drops.
 So when the Scotch tape Adsorption power revived and slap stick tip!

I will.

 Triangular tray
 Is the tray into the elements and stone.
 So, there are a lot of simultaneously using a stone the size of some

5, Who were together six useful.
 -Ruler (if any)
 Draining has many more Swarovski measured magnitude and length.

Paste column bent when straight to be useful.

 Decoration items

Put in militia case or business cards, like mirror, digital camera, OK
 -Swarovski elements depending on the items and rhinestones Required varies depending on the item and paste it.


Paste and neatly arranged in the handicraft and perseverance even if
I think and not what work can be most easily?. So is including the 2-3,000 yen tool only if you recommend something manufacturing who want to!


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