[Gardening] upbringing of Marigold

Marigolds are popular flowers who entertained flowers warm flowers until the fall. So easy to grow is safe even for beginners gardening.


  1. -Seeding Marigold is a very popular flower, so should get many kinds of seeds easily.
    Look for your liking.
    Species in larger easier, cloneable germination is easy to handle. Let’s do the sowing is around 4-5. Temperature is 15-20 degree temperature. And stagger the rainy season autumn blooms flowers.
    However, it may be difficult to germinate for rainy season is higher than the temperature. Good drained what if anything be Yodo. Leaf stem just grew up and given too much fertilizer, essential flower becomes less per. Don’t give too much.
  2. And to raise It grows in sunny, airy place. Severe summer heat and may temporarily stop growing.
    Because heat groin especially note such as potted plants. Water topsoil is dry Spears is plenty. Leaf also tips over water because mites predictable dry season. Let nutrition flowers comes about given liquid fertilizers 1 week just once.
    Extends the flowers come in this period. From becoming cooler if done in the heat of the summer growth is stopped without affecting the force affects the fertilizer.
  3. And care 枯れたら flower, Rod per stalk. And let it be wet in the rain 腐ったり, making the species nutrition will be taken.
    Cut without reasons, such as the type you want to make it better. Leaf stalk too grew thick airy gone bad, effects demerit heat ye rambling growth. Minor had こみあって reasonably well and decimated that wind through.
  4. -Pest notes Forest dieback disease can be. Breaking up the soil and evenly will disinfect appropriates the sunlight. Fairly different in it.
    Antiseptic scattered in the soil, it would be better. Spider mites at dry and hot at the time. For example, let’s put water to leaves do not dry as a preventive. If had already out and exterminate insecticide.


Will bloom by cherish, that only clean. Though easy to raise and Otaku will grow.


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