Take sky arch with the toy camera

Introduces how to take the vaulted sky, one of the characteristics of a toy camera.


  1. Is the so-called blue sky is only around the sky seems to be the toy camera photography as famous, but thick inside it is lightly little arch.
    Is an application of tunneling effect, introduce the tricks that you can easily take the sky arches.
    First of all, Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim or LOMO LC-A recommended camera.
    Neither is tended to tunneling.
    Blue sky, to take photos.
    This time, back to Sun is absolutely essential.
    Observing the sky well, you know becoming darker towards the Sun and the other side of the sky.
    Composition is turn the sky occupies 1/3 or more photos on the near horizon just to the bottom.
    Sea or road or bridge is anything good. Seems straightforward shall contrast with the sky clearly out, but as a photo.

Notes and tips

  • When you print from the film sky arch and tunneling is important. Accompanying “dark anyway, please strongly contrast” to the photo shop.


Know-how of sky arches to take is choosing a toy camera, can take back to Sun getting dark prints, three is Basic. Enjoy the various blue sky arch to take!


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